Margo Coufos

BEAUTY is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER

‘How many times have you heard this often-repeated phrase…and how true it is!

Fortunately, we live in an era of ‘fashion art’ and we can enjoy the wonderful range of acrylic paints skilfully applied to canvas, all at very affordable prices’

I am a self-taught artist (except for lessons in oil in my late teens!!) and have been painting for some 20 years.

I now work in acrylics and love it! My style varies, you could say it is “eclectic”, no one could guess what I might do next, but I like to paint what excites me, for me, it represents freedom to express yourself

Art on Canvas
My paintings are …. abstract – bold – colourful – sometimes controversial
My work consists of a lot of texture with the use of a palette knife and other tools which creates many interesting textures in my work I have had three private solo exhibitions, and all were very successful. I have accepted private commissions for residential homes plus commercial business.
I not only offer acrylic work on canvas, large or small, I am now working on selling prints from my original work as limited addition prints on quality paper, something that is very popular worldwide.
If you like to change the look of your rooms instantly with art, this is a very economical way of doing it.
Alcohol Ink Art
A new concept in art. It is fascinating and produces some incredible results and I am intending to sell those as prints of any size. This range is on my site, and it is part of my website design, I am sure you will find them different……. abstract– colourful- and most importantly interesting! All sizes and prices are under the PRINTS page
Coming Soon...Wrapping Paper

Another concept of art I’m introducing and will be available on my site soon…who doesn’t need beautiful wrapping paper for special people and special gifts!