Well, you may think this is a little unusual. Here I have a website promoting my art, and on one part of the website I’m introducing upcycling-repurposing fashion garments.

But this is art in fashion – or fashion art. Something different from mainstream fashion that can too much of the same. My love of colourful items translates in fashion to loving outfits that are a little different and somewhat quirky, clothes that makes people look twice and look again!

 So, I’ve put together some hand-painted jeans (upcycled), hand-painted culottes and groovy t-shirts with different displays to make people look twice!

I’ve got more ideas and garments coming up and intend to post different items every two weeks. Every item will be unique – a ‘one off’ with no repeats, never to be seen anywhere else! 

Keep in touch, because I have some groovy ideas rattling around in my head that I’m sure you will love…………. if you wish to stand out in a crowd!

My favourite quote is…………… better to be looked over than overlooked!


leather jewellery

To add to my recycling/upcycling story – some exciting jewelry and accessories are coming your way!! I have a passion for different, eye-catching and unique looking jewelry. So, over the years, I’ve established an amazing collection of jewelry bought locally, nationally and overseas. As I can’t bring myself to let go of these wonderful pieces, I’m going to recycle selected items into updated versions of trending jewelry with a difference………………….I’ll be posting designs over the next few weeks, they take a while to make, so stay in touch for an update!!!!